Jets Report with Robbie Mack

A half hour of Jets talk from the perspective of a semi-informed diehard. Robbie gives his thoughts on whatever is going on in the world of the New York Jets.
New episode Mondays at 7:30 pm (EST) and repeated Tuesday – Friday.
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Mack and Vort

Sports talk with two fanatics. The dynamic duo focuses on New York sports but touch upon all the big topics across the sports landscape. Join them as they interact in the Breakin’ Ballz Green Room on Facebook, live during each show.

Mondays from 8 – 10 pm (EST)
Previous shows highlights coming soon.


Mack N’ Mari

The age old battle to understand the opposite sex. Mack N’ Mari answer various questions from the point of view of their respective genders. This is FUN stuff – you don’t want to miss it!

Tuesday from 8 – 9 pm (EST)
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Shawn and George go “Off the Rails” about life and everything about it! Join these hilarious dudes as they wax poetic about everything that annoys them – which is a lot!

Fridays from 8 – 9 pm (EST)


The 80/20 Movie Show

Pat Himes and Gary Smith host The 80/20 Movie Show. A movie and pop culture show selecting films based on their Rotten Tomatoes scores. Every Sunday night, the boys will try to make you laugh while purposefully spoiling a film you may or may not have seen. On Wednesday nights, the boys bring you their Middle 60 Edition. Covering films not rated 80% or higher or 20% or lower on Rotten Tomatoes.
Sundays and Wednesdays from 8 – 9 pm (EST)